“Epley is perfect for when I have something that is difficult to understand from a human behavior standpoint, when I need to really get deep into what people are thinking and why they’re doing it.” —John D (Healthcare Company) | See what other clients are saying


Your relationship with your customers is just that—a relationship. And all relationships have a story, with a beginning, middle, and end. 

Our highly trained professionals discover that story by interviewing your customers one-on-one. They ask "why" until they truly understand the complex relationships that drive your business. They find out what your customers cannot articulate to other research firms or even to your company’s own representatives. 

At the end of an Epley study, you’ll:

Gain access to interview transcripts, customer profiles, and invaluable report data that will help you solve your business problem.

Have valuable insight into your customers' minds: you'll know how to walk and talk like your customer.

Know what to do about a business problem, such as actionable steps you can take to attract new customers, increase customer loyalty, and stem the tide of lost customers. 

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We want to solve your business problem. Why are sales slower than you expected? What are your customers looking for in a new product? How can you increase patient satisfaction? What would convince donors to give again? After we meet you, we can’t help but wonder, too. 

you can handle the truth.

True knowledge of the people who are important to your business gives you the power you need to improve your profit, streamline the customer experience, and succeed in today’s competitive marketplace. Get the answers to your big questions. Get specific, actionable information you can use to:

Forge ahead in your market.

Test the effectiveness of a new product.

Grow and retain your customer base.

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