expert discovery that's tailored to your needs.

1: Full service consultation

Includes problem definition, recruiting, data collection, detailed deliverables, full interactive report, and recommendations, with a high level of collaboration throughout.

2: supplemental services

Stand-alone services that are components of full service Epley studies including: 
Recruiting · Data Gathering · Coding · Reports/Presentations

Our capabilities 

One-on-One In-Depth Interviews

Done in person, by telephone, or by webcam in real time.

Online Qualitative Dialogues

Conducted over the Internet with moderated prompts and responses, options for longitudinal data collection, text, video, and audio modalities, and individual or group formats.

In-Depth Discussion Groups

Live groups conducted in-person with facilitation designed to maximize in-depth discussion, idea generation, and creative processing.

Qualitative & Quantitative Companion Studies

Conventional Epley qualitative research combined with a quantitative component conducted by a dedicated research team with integrated briefings involving both teams and coordination between studies.

Mixed Methodologies

Customized research design using a variety of methodologies to achieve an optimum depth and breadth of data gathering, such as pairing online qualitative dialogues with wrap-up telephone interviews.

Interactive Reporting

Interactive reports delivered in PDF format with the look and feel of a website. Information is layered to facilitate both high-level browsing and user exploration of in-depth details as desired. All data from one or multiple studies can be contained in a single report. This report can be used in conjunction with Epley research, or as a separate service to organize and present any body of knowledge.

Telephone interviews and online dialogues can be conducted in Spanish