This is an integrated set of qualitative research tools designed to surface insights useful in attracting and retaining high value customers. Each tool consists of a series of in-depth interviews (IDIs) conducted by the principals and research staff of Epley Research and Consulting. Interviews are usually 30-60 minutes in duration and focus on the customer experience at critical stages of the relationship. Separate reports prepared for each interview provide an unusually rich and nuanced understanding of the underlying causes of customer perceptions, attitudes, and decisions. 

The series is particularly useful in business-to-business applications and strategically vital accounts and enterprises. 


Sales win/loss analysis

  • Examines each facet of the customer buying experience from initial need to the final decision.
  • Useful for gaining insights into the strengths of competitors and the underlying causes of sales wins and losses. 
  • Useful for business segment managers, sales executives, and sales process improvement teams.

On-boarding assessment

  • Provides rich customer feedback at the most critical stage in the development of relationship is with new, high value customers. 
  • Provides insights into customer needs and expectations and company performance at a critical, formative time in the relationship. 
  • Useful for business segment executives, customer experience executives, and managers of operations responsible for delivering products and services to new accounts.  

Customer satisfaction assessment

  • Examines each facet of the relationship with high value customers.
  • Examines customer wants and needs in the context of long established relationships.
  • Useful for understanding the shifting needs and expectations of customers and maintaining a proactive stance in long-standing relationships.
  • Useful for business segment executives as well as managers of customer services and functions that have a direct impact on customers. 

Customer vulnerability analysis

  • Examines the factors leading to stagnant and declining sales in established customer accounts. 
  • Explores changing customer needs, shortfalls in customer service, lack of proactive contact, and other factors that lead to the development of relationships with and ultimate loss of customers to competitors. 
  • Useful in identifying high value accounts at risk and taking action prior to loss. 
  • The service would be of value to business segment executives, sales and marketing executives, and customer experience managers. 

Customer churn/attrition analysis

  • Examines the time course and events of the customer relationship to identify the core strength of the relationship, the factors that place customers at risk, and the competitive pressures and circumstances that prompted the loss. 
  • Useful for determining what can be done to win back lost customers and prevent customer attrition in the future. 
  • The service would be of value to business segment executives, directors of customer retention, and sales and marketing executives.


For each engagement, Epley provides these services:

  • Project planning and administration
  • Sample management and control
  • Recruiting of respondents from list provided by our clients
  • Development of guide specific to the business enterprise
  • Administration and audio recording of interviews (if conducted by telephone)
  • A written profile of of the highlights of each interview in the actual voice of the customer 

After the data are gathered, there are options for a comprehensive written report for all respondents, a moderated review session to identify action items from the research, and/or an ongoing program of customer assessment.