Over the years, we have become known for our highly personalized approach to research and for helping clients know their customers better. Our clients see us as unique because of our passion for discovery, our methods for uncovering hidden truths, and our process for involving clients in our research. We serve a national client base, many with Fortune 500 designation, and over the years we’ve tackled a wide variety of research projects in industries from banking to health care to building supplies. 

What our clients say about...

our process

“Epley’s methodology impresses me. The notion of peeling back and understanding all aspects of the relationship of a customer is interesting. With Epley’s research, you can determine whether you have a satisfied or dissatisfied customer and explore the underlying causes of that relationship, as well as any root causes of defection.” —James R (Construction/Building Supplies Company)

our research

“The Epley tool, itself, is very unique. It’s much more thorough than just getting survey results. Being able to read through profiles—with all those quotes—gave a dimension that I had never been able to see with just surveys. Being able to hear the actual voice of the customer and their opinion was great. We were trying to measure a vague, abstract feeling of what our customers thought about us, which is something we couldn’t do in a survey or focus group, so Epley’s tool helped us see through all that.” —Cindy S (Healthcare Company)

our results

“I liken Epley to a scouting party. You send them out to find out what is going on in advance of any direction you or your company may be thinking about taking.” —Brent M (Medical Devices Manufacturing Company)