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individual interviews are the heart of our discovery process. 

Our highly trained researchers listen closely and ask your customers highly targeted questions to comprehend the complex relationships that motivate the people important to your business. 

Through active listening and thoughtful questioning, an Epley study delivers:

Key elements that drive a customer relationship. 
Pivotal events that set the tone and dictate the direction of the relationship. 
Root causes of behavior patterns, such as recurring sales or repeated donations.

we reveal


we deliver an unmatched level of understanding and insight.

We devote the highest level of attention to the raw data collected during our research. Our analysis of that information is deep and complex.

We transform interview transcripts into brief, clear profiles of your customers, written in the words of the respondents. These profiles give you insight into the minds of your customers. You learn about their desires, motivations, behaviors, and thoughts—all grounded in concrete, real-life information.

Epley delivers fact, not conjecture or interpretation. It is the truth from your customers’ point of view.

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after an epley study, you won’t have to guess what to do—you’ll know what to do.

In addition to profiles of the people important to your business, we deliver aggregate findings, layered to show progressively richer and more detailed information to different stakeholders.

We deliver our findings in the format that is most useful to you, from PowerPoint presentations containing audio clips of interviews, to executive summaries supplemented by solo briefings.

“Sometimes Epley’s reports give us reason to rethink some of what we’ve already been discussing, and other times it helps just to confirm that we are on track, internally. Either way, it’s very helpful.” —Andrew C (Healthcare Company)

we tailor the epley method to your needs.

expert insight comes in all sizes. learn about our levels of service.

Gain unmatched insight with our full-service process, developed and tested over 25 years.

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